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Projects and experience by sector

We have included a sample of case studies from the projects McGrigor Group has conducted since 2002. These number around 250 in total. These are partitioned by industry sector. Each sector shows the nature of McGrigor Group's experience.



Experience in re-defining and re-pricing assistance-insurance partnerships (via in or out sourcing); Finding and buying targets; Building differentiation and efficiency into network and claims management strategy:

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Finding and bidding for an Asian assistance company

McGrigor Consulting and McGrigor M&A were asked by an Asian Assistance company to prepare a two-phased approach to evaluate the Asian TPA and health services market. The focus countries were China, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Philippines. McGrigor Group was contracted to prepare a list of potential targets – namely TPAs and health services companies, meeting certain criteria in terms of geography, size/revenue, profitability etc. McGrigor Group prepared a longlist of ~50 targets and shortlisted these down to 15 by ranking these on the aforementioned criteria and others e.g. clients mix, services mix etc. The 15 shortlisted companies were then extensively researched, profiled and interviewed for their keenness to form strategic partnerships or be purchased by our client. From the shortlist of 15, 5 key target companies were identified. MGG arranged for the client to visit these target companies for detailed discussions. In phase 2, once the prime target was agreed upon, MGG provided extensive support in terms of valuation, due diligence and facilitation in the M&A deal and this is currently in progress.
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Finding and bidding for a South East Asian assistance company

McGrigor M&A was asked to look for an Asian assistance company to fill a gap for a global insurance and services client. It identified a target, collected the appropriate data from the target and managed to get agreed terms. The deal did not complete due to a change in strategy by the buyer.
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Assessment of the assistance needs of the business travel sector

McGrigor Consulting helped its client, a global leader in international assistance, to get a better understanding of the key needs in terms of assistance services of the BTA (Business Travel Accident Insurance) sector, so that they could align their value proposition to them. During the project, McGrigor Group conducted a series of interviews with BTA leaders (both existing clients and potential prospects) and engaged in discussions that generated feedback on their service needs, and on their perception of the different assistance providers addressing the segment. Competitors were also assessed independently, as well as leading brokers addressing the segment. McGrigor Group then formed recommendations on several actions the assistance company should undertake to reposition its offer and enhance their services. A pipeline of potential new targets was also developed during the process, as well as a strategy to win back lost prospects with immediate pragmatic actions for a number of key ones.
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Re-engineering the medical assistance operations

The client is a leading international health insurer that operates a hybrid in-house / outsourced medical assistance platform. McGrigor Consulting helped them to re-think their medical assistance strategy so that they could maximize their direct handling of the assistance events, with the dual objective to provide a better experience for the client while getting more control over high-cost cases. McGrigor Group worked in conjunction with assistance process experts to identify core services to insource, designed and modeled the new assistance platform with the associated business case, selected partners, and conducted the tender for outsourced assistance services. This process resulted in a significant amendment to the collaboration terms with assistance partners which generated a short-term multi-million dollars annual savings on outsourced costs while creating the roadmap for the next-stage assistance platform.