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Projects and experience by sector

We have included a sample of case studies from the projects McGrigor Group has conducted since 2002. These number around 250 in total. These are partitioned by industry sector. Each sector shows the nature of McGrigor Group's experience.



Collaboration with multi-national teams of developers, architects and medical professionals to support the investment case for new medical facilities and services:

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Growing a UK health business

The client is a leading primary healthcare property development and management company in the UK, looking to continue growing while realising value for its founders. McGrigor M&A identified and quantified several growth options, put together an information memorandum, conducted a selective “buy-in” auction, and succeeded in getting two multi-million pound bids, well above NBV.
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Hospital strategy and design, Sharjah, UAE, 2012

A UAE-based clinic and hospital group commissioned the combination of McGrigor Consulting and Chinacare to propose the strategy and development of a new hospital facility in Sharjah, the 3rd largest emirate in the UAE. A bid team was put together, alongside Guys and Thomas's hospital of the UK, involving specialists in patient and medical process flow.
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Hospital strategy and design, Greece and South Eastern Europe, 2009

An Athens-based investment fund had spotted a market gap around Greece and South-Eastern Europe in first class hospital capacity. McGrigor Consulting teamed with its partner company, the hospital design experts, Chinacare to describe and model the 2 concept hospitals which the consortia would build, namely a 100 bed inner city specialist facility and a 300 bed greenfield generalist facility. We produced these 2 theoretical concepts in a booklet designed to go with the fund raising prospectus, indicating how the Profit and Loss account of these 2 models would play out over a 7 year period.