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McGrigor Specialty provides niche specialist services.  

Our Specialty division brings together the various entrepreneurial activities of the McGrigor Group: McGrigor Diplomat, McGrigor Risk and Diagnostic International©.

      McGrigor Diplomat

McGrigor Diplomat is an advisor to ministries of foreign affairs (MOFAs), intergovernmental organisations (IGOs) and nongovernmental organisations (NGOs). Our goal is to provide insurance and service solutions to cover and prevent the specific risks taken by international civil servants, public sector workers and NGO employees in often challenging environments. The corps diplomatique is not like any other international workforce. It is the guarantor of a country's international standing and ultimately an essential part of its sovereignty. Similarly, IGO employees and contractors stand for peace, respect of international law and better standards of life.

As a consequence, the wellbeing of diplomats, IGO/NGO workforces and their families is more than just a function of their employer’s “duty of care”, it is also their political responsibility.

Using its experience from around 40 countries, McGrigor Diplomat has developed a monitoring tool to benchmark how MOFAs and IGOs/NGOs provide risk and security to their employees.

We have exceptional knowledge of the health and wealth needs of the expatriate, VIPs and "global citizen" consumer segments.

We also have privileged access to most international risk carriers and solutions providers that can help ministries of foreign affairs and IGOs/MGOs to address their most challenging human resource issues.


      McGrigor Risk

McGrigor Risk helps financial services and industrial companies to identify, assess and forecast political risks over international projects.

It provides:

  • Project-specific risk assessment and mitigation 
  • Transaction-related strategic due diligence evaluations 
  • Advisory support for business strategy and planning

Please contact McGrigor Group for further information.


      Diagnostic International©

Diagnostic International© provides a bespoke service to global citizens willing to access first-class medical diagnostic services in France. Please contact McGrigor Group for further information.



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Associate Partner

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I have worked with McGrigor Group for many years and feel that they provide so much more of a partnership than many other similar organizations. They have the ability to see a market materializing and will provide you with an opportunity to gain first mover advantage. This was definitely the case with a certain Ministry of Foreign affairs where, through a real partnership approach we both identified a need and provided a unique solution for this large governmental client. They facilitated in the arrangements in locating a local partner and in the pricing and risk sharing arrangements. There were significant challenges to educate and develop understanding for the client and its members. The McGrigor Group provided huge resource and commitment to help us overcome these challenges Quotation Marks

Stuart Leatherby, Aetna