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Projects and experience by sector

We have included a sample of case studies from the projects McGrigor Group has conducted since 2002. These number around 250 in total. These are partitioned by industry sector. Each sector shows the nature of McGrigor Group's experience.


Population Health Management (PHM)

Sometimes referred to as Healthcare Managed Services.

Identify opportunities to commercialise innovative Population Health Management services and to integrate them within private and public health insurance systems:

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Assessment of Digital Wellness opportunities in the global wellness/PHM market

A leading UK health insurance company asked McGrigor Consulting to assess the current global offerings available in wellness (with a focus on UK, China and using the US as a benchmark). McGrigor Consulting also had to evaluate the various business models being pursued by different players in the market e.g. start-ups, medical device/wearable companies, large technology/IT companies, insurers and governments. The business models were specifically tested for benefits realised so far or to be realised e.g. financial, sales, cross-sell, data analytics, customer interactions, differentiation, marketing, image, retention, etc. Lastly, the client was advised on any initial inroads or pilot schemes it could launch in the digital wellness market with a set plan (e.g. who to partner with) and a rationale to do so.
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Helping to win a complex public tender

The client is a large worldwide assistance company. A public tender was out for the provision of an integrated assistance and healthcare-related service platform for an important governmental agency with worldwide coverage. McGrigor Consulting has helped the client in the understanding of the key success factors of the tender, gave a detailed view on other bidding competitors strengths and weaknesses, and helped in structuring the offer and the bid to maximise chances of success. Following this effort, the client has won the tender for a multi-million pound annual contract to service 15,000 members worldwide.
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Assessment of Population Health Management opportunities in the UK corporate market

A leading US healthcare benefits company with experience of the government market in the UK asked McGrigor Consulting to assess the readiness of the 250 largest private sector companies in the UK to help shape and ultimately adopt its PHM programs. It was agreed that McGrigor Group would test sample 20 companies of varying size and from a variety of sectors in order to identify characteristics which would enable more general conclusions to be drawn. The interviews were carried from just forty-two companies selected for the test phase. Over half of the targets interviewed were identified as being receptive to advanced discussions on wellness and immediate opportunities were identified with several. Together with a number of competitor interviews, McGrigor Group was able to provide a comprehensive review of attitudes among the larger UK companies towards wellness at that time.
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Finding and wooing wellness provider targets in China

McGrigor M&A looked at the relatively new but fast growing corporate wellness services market in China. It quickly identified the attractiveness and the competition. It then identified 2 targets for its client. Currently both targets are in discussions.
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Launching a cross-border healthcare solution

The client was a leading assistance company, with an extended European network of high-quality elite treatment centres and expertise in managing and assisting patients with critical conditions in emergency situations worldwide. Building on its quality network and medically-assisted travel capabilities, the client has developed an offer of “travel for treatment”, whereby patients who cannot be treated efficiently domestically could be treated abroad in one of the excellence centres and fully assisted prior, during and after the operation. McGrigor Consulting’s role was to identify initial group buying points who would be ready to buy this new healthcare solution. McGrigor Group conducted initial research on the worldwide travel for treatment market, selected the priority countries to focus on, identified the relevant partners in each country (both in public health systems and private healthcare intermediaries), and tested their interest / initiated contact with on behalf of the client.
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Identifying opportunities for disease management services in the GCC

McGrigor Consulting's client had several capabilities to bring to a global market place, including health IT systems and health programmes. They had added some sales targets to future budgets but did not understand the target markets and the possible buyers. McGrigor Group reviewed 5 markets in the GCC and ranked the potential there, as well as provided over 30 leads. In addition McGrigor Group identified the main barriers to successful entry including some of the ways the services would need to be localised and delivered.