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Included below is a small selection from 200+ consulting projects. See McGrigor Group 'Industries' page for a wider folio of project examples across sectors.

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Assessment of Digital Wellness opportunities in the global wellness/PHM market

A leading UK health insurance company asked McGrigor Consulting to assess the current global offerings available in wellness (with a focus on UK, China and using the US as a benchmark). McGrigor Consulting also had to evaluate the various business models being pursued by different players in the market e.g. start-ups, medical device/wearable companies, large technology/IT companies, insurers and governments. The business models were specifically tested for benefits realised so far or to be realised e.g. financial, sales, cross-sell, data analytics, customer interactions, differentiation, marketing, image, retention, etc. Lastly, the client was advised on any initial inroads or pilot schemes it could launch in the digital wellness market with a set plan (e.g. who to partner with) and a rationale to do so.
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Analysing product and pricing of the individual IPMI product in the UAE

McGrigor Consulting was contracted by a large UK PMI and IPMI insurer to research Individual IPMI products in the UAE, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The key deliverables on the project were a feature comparison of the main products to identify the best product per tier i.e. Gold, Silver, Bronze in the market (as per the new regulations in January 2015), note of the price points (by age bands) for the main, overview of the total market in terms of market size and potential and overview of the main providers (competitors) also present in the market.
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Health insurance product globalisation

The client is a leading US insurer with a strong global presence in Employee Benefits. McGrigor Consulting helped them to assess the opportunity to launch globally a niche health product for the high end and globally mobile individual segment. A market study was conducted in 4 regions of the world, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle-East and South America. Size and growth potential of the markets was estimated from multiple previously untapped sources and an attractiveness ranking was established based on profitability, entry barriers and competitor intentions in each of these regions. Phase 2 of this assignment included more in depth assessment of distribution options including a partnership/acquisition finding exercise. A prioritised shortlist was produced, with proposed deal structures and “ready to go prospects lists”. As a result, the product was launched in Asia and in 5 European countries.
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Regional product strategy

After reviewing market conditions for high-end and mid-level private medical insurance across Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain, McGrigor Consulting identified the opportunity for the development of a new ‘regional’ product that would bridge the gap between the existing comprehensive but expensive ‘full blown’ international PMI products, and lower priced options that did not provide any form of international cover. McGrigor then assisted its client in the development of a new flexible product by redesigning the existing insurance benefit tables and defining ‘authorized’ and restricted destinations and facilities for treatment. The result was the successful launch of a unique, truly modular product with an international cover that can adapt to the very different target groups composing the working population in the region while managing costs for the insurer. A similar exercise was consecutively conducted also for China / Far East region.
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Distribution acceleration in Africa

The client, a European health insurer, had some historic, limited distribution relationships in Africa that had developed over the years primarily at the distributors initiative. It has asked McGrigor Consulting to help accelerate its products distribution in sub Saharan Africa by identifying where to focus the efforts and how to address these priority markets. McGrigor defined the country screening scorecard and conducted a systematic review of 47 countries (macroeconomics, demography, healthcare provision and insurance conditions, demand sizing, as well as ‘doability’ for the insurer). After selecting 4 key development markets, McGrigor created a full entry strategy that led to the identification of willing and capable distributors. These were then introduced to the client during several field trips, resulting in the formation of fronting and distribution agreements.
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Affinity and sponsor distribution in Southern Europe

The client is a US reinsurer with exceptional design skills in accident products and leading CRM knowledge, but without in-country underwriting licenses in southern Europe. Thus it needs to piggyback off the license of some already-registered insurer and earn premium from re-insurance and management fees. McGrigor Consulting helped them to achieve over $1.5m of good quality business within one year. McGrigor worked with the client to create a view of high priority consumer and product niches, the ‘lowest hanging fruit’ in terms of partners, the unique selling propositions to meet these partners’ and their consumers’ needs, and finally a prioritised and very detailed action plan. After one year, this client has exceeded its target in terms of partnership implementations and quick generation of a profitable business, and will grow to $5m in year 2.