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  • Dave de Loose

    After ten years working to develop medical networks for leading international health insurers Vanbreda and then Cigna, Dave started his own provider network management company, Global Medical Partners, for which he also developed an innovative universal payment card. He is consulting to international insurers and medical providers on provider payer solutions solutions and occasionally medical tourism and global tenders.  

    Organisation: Global Medical Partners  

    Position: Managing Director

    Location:  Antwerp, Belgium
    Dave de Loose li
  • Ladislav Husák

    Ladislav is an independent management consultant offering advisory services mainly on the Czech Republic, Slovakia and CEE countries. He was previously a manager for the British advisory company Central Europe Trust where he was involved in the preparation, management, and actual execution of Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Development/ Restructuring Strategies, and Market Analysis/Entry strategies for Western and local clients. Previously, he also has worked in New York, where he was account executive at Global Currencies, making analyses on macro-economical indicators and political developments in the USA, Japan, Great Britain, and Germany. 

    In 2004, Ladislav started offering advisory services independently while focusing mainly on the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    Location:  Prague, Czech Republic













    Ladislav Husakli
  • Per Bay Jorgensen

    Per Bay Jørgensen is one of the founders of the international health insurance industry with the launch of IHI Danmark in 1980. After the sale of IHI to BUPA, Per Bay has been an advisor to International healthcare businesses through his management consultancy Bay Consult. Recently, he has joined the board of international health insurer Now Health International.

    Organisation: Bay Consult 

    Position: Managing Director 

    Location:  Denmark
    Per Bay Jorgensen li 


  • Marc Sevestre

    Marc has spent over 20 years with AIG / Alico and then Metlife, developing and heading their European Operations. He has a particular expertise in accident and health insurance products, and direct marketing, He is currently involved as a non-executive director in several insurance-related businesses including Aviva France and B2S, a leading TPA / CRM services company.

    Organisation: AVIVA France

    Non-Executive Director 

    Location: France
    Marc Sevestre li 


  • David Vogdt

    After three years’ experience as head of the International Department of the French Hospital Group CLINALLIANCE, David Vogdt joined the McGrigor Group as a partner in 2014 to set up the Paris based office with Mikael Garandeau and James McGrigor, bringing significant experiences in International Patient Care with him. Having worked with patients from over 24 countries from Africa to the Middle East, David has a wide understanding of International Patient Routes. David is fluent in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. He obtained his bachelor degree in Marketing and Management at IPAM Porto.  

    Organisation: McGrigor Group 

    Position: Associate Partner

    Location:  Paris, France
    David Vogdt li
  • Andreas Kornowski 

    Andreas is a management consultant with 20 years of experience in particular in the financial services sector. He has worked for German Financial services specialist consultancies Arkwright and Kimon Beteiligungen, and is currently Partner of Innovalue.

    Organisation: Innovalue Management Partner

    Managing Director  

    Location: United Kingdom
    Andreas Kornowski li 


  • Filis Atheneos

    Having held various management positions, for example at United General Insurance SA, Commercial Value Insurance SA and then as Chairman and CEO of Atheneos Insurance Agents, Filis is now a Managing Partner at F. Atheneos - E. Economou Ltd. (Insurance Agents).  

    Organisation: F. Atheneos - E. Economou Ltd. (Insurance Agents) 

    Position: Managing Partner

    Location:  Greece
    Filis Atheneos li
  • Derek Collen

    Derek has spent all his career in management positions in the insurance industry in Italy. He has spent 20 years with Norwich Union Italy for which he was the Chief executive in the 90's, and was a partner of IAMA (insurance market intelligence services), before becoming the managing director of a swiss-based TPA.

    Independent Financial Services Professional 

    Location: Italy (Milan)



  • Shavkat G. Mingaliev

    Shavkat is an experienced insurance intermediary in both primary and reinsurance. He works with large Russian corporate clients on multiple lines including health. Based in Vienna he works also with GRECO brokers across the East European and former CIS. He has long harboured a desire to set up a health insurer in Russia, and has worked with McGrigor Group several times over 10 years.

    Organisation: EOS RISQ / GrECo

    Position: Managing Director, GrECo JLT Re 

    Location:  Russia (Austria - Vienna).
  • Marcus Wannberg

    After a first career in systems design at IT and management consulting firm Halogen in Paris, where he participated in financial services client development projects, Marcus went back to university to become a Medical Doctor. He is currently working for the Karolinska University Hospital.

    Organisation: Karolinska University Hospital

     Doctor at Karolinska University Hospital 

    Location: Sweden


  • Eray Türker

    Eray Turker is Assistant General Manager of Türker Insurance and Resinurance Brokers, based in Istanbul. He is also a director of, a Turkish insurance portal.

    Organisation: Turker Broker

    Assistant General Manager 

    Location: Turkey, Balkans
    Eray Türker li 


  • Menekse Ucaroglu

    Meneske has 15 years of senior management positions at leading companies in the insurance industry in Turkey. She has a developed an expertise in all forms of health and accident insurance and in particular in Medical tourism and has expertise on the Turkish and Caucasus Region markets. She is the founder of the Istanbul Underwriting Center.

    Organisation: Istanbul Underwriting Center

    Founder & Director 

    Location: Turkey
    Menekse Ucaroglu li 


  • Lola May Coker

    14 years experience in international medical assistance and health insurance. Holding a number of positions in operations at leading insurers and assistance companies (Goodhealth, ISOS, Pruhealth, AIG), specializing in the design / development / coordination of assistance and insurance processes. Independent consultant since 2010, working for Insurers, Assistance and TPAs on project management, internal auditing, training and QA development, claims and cost containment optimisation. 

    Organisation: Consultpedia 

    Position: Founder & Director 

    Location:  United Kingdom
    Lola May Coker li 


  • Marie Christine Exon-Galle

    30 years of experience in Insurance and Assistance industry (Travel and IPMI), holding top management positions in the Claims Assistance operations alongside or within the control of underwriters. Also expert external consultant roles for several leading assistance companies. Worked directly for: Europ Assistance, First Assist, Commercial Union/Norwich Union. As consultant / interim manager for: International SOS, AXA-Assistance, RBS Travel Medical, First Assist, Travelex, Global Response, Europ Assistance, Mapfre, Global Excel, First Assistance NZ, International Medical Rescue, CEGA.

    Organisation: Claims & Assistance Consulting Services 

    Position: Founder & Director 

    Location:  United Kingdom
    Marie Christine Exon-Galle li
  • Eva Haas

    Eva Haas works across many sub sectors of the healthcare industry assisting Companies with corporate strategy & development, market assessments and aspects of investor relations. Recent work has been in the biotech and CRO sectors. She also worked for Schroder Investment Management for 13 years as a healthcare equity analyst covering all sub sectors and market capitalisations across Europe and in the USA where she lived & worked in New York for 7 years. She is familiar with industries ranging from hospitals and managed care through to branded & generic pharmaceuticals and biotech. Eva speaks fluent German and holds a BSc and PhD in Biology from Bristol University.

    Position: Independent Healthcare Consultant and Analyst

    Location:  Harrow, UK
    Eva Haas li
  • Richard Lister

    Richard has been providing advice and project support to clients in the health insurance sector for nearly 20 years, with a particular emphasis on market entry, start-up and re-positioning. Richard has worked for a variety of US and European insurers including Groupama, AIG and ACE, providing both consultancy and implementation resource. He also has an extensive understanding of the technology required to secure end to end success in health plan delivery. 

    Position: Freelance consultant 

    Location:  Oxford, United Kingdom
    Richard Lister 


  • Francis Marx

    Francis has worked as an independent advisor to senior management across a broad range of industries (telecoms, media, travel and leisure, FMCG, healthcare, and retail financial services).

    Organisation: Monte Rosa Capital

     Managing Director

    Location: United Kingdom
    Francis Marxli


  • Peter Mills 

    Peter has in depth knowledge of clinical medicine with over 20 years of experience in general and respiratory medical practice. He is a recognized global expert in the area of health and productivity management (HPM) and has extensive experience in business strategy, finance raising and commercial negotiation. Peter specialises in “e-health” together with the issues facing organizations within this space and has a track record of developing commercially successful, technology driven, lifestyle management and health advocacy products.

    Organisation: nGage Health

    Position:  Director and Co-Founder

    Location:  Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area
    Peter Mills li
  • Tim Mutton

    Tim is a developer of international business and a serial corporate entrepreneur. Over 25 years, he has participated to multiple ventures developments in both corporate and private enterprise, notably on behalf of insurers and brokers. He has in particular participated to the launch of the expatriate insurer Now Health International. Tim has also a particular knowledge of Pakistan.

    Organisation: TPM Marketing and Consultancy Ltd

    Managing Director and Founder 

    Location: United Kingdom, Pakistan
    Tim Mutton li 


  • Avanti Gupta 

    Born with an innate love for life sciences, I studied Biomedical Sciences at the University of Sheffield, UK and during this process, understood the importance of healthcare for humanity. A Masters in International Health Management at Imperial College Business School, London equipped me to appreciate the marriage of business and healthcare as well as the role of management, policy-making and innovation in healthcare. Currently, as a Senior Research Associate at GLG, I am responsible for supporting client relationships with Life Sciences clients. I work closely with the team in facilitating primary research via engagements with some of the world’s leading physicians, executives and key opinion leaders in the healthcare sector. Previously, I worked for 3 years as a Consultant at the McGrigor Group, a boutique healthcare consultancy, with a focus on health insurance and services. My role entailed supporting in a research and analytical capacity, across projects and clients.

    Organisation: GLG 

    Position: Senior Research Associate  

    Location:  London, United Kingdom
    Avanti Gupta li
  • Matthew Roberts 

    Matthew has been a chartered surveyor for over 30 years with a successful track record in investment property development, with a core focus on medical infrastructure projects and primary care centres. His company has developed 76 new medical centres providing developmental solutions for 87 GP Practices.

    Organisation: Brackley Investments 

    Position: Managing Director  

    Location:  United Kingdom
    Matthew Roberts li




Business: A strategy consultancy, offering corporate restructuring, new market development, acquisitions and divestitures, costing, benchmarking, competitor profiling, industry structure and portfolio analysis, process redesigning, and valuation services.
Industry Focus: Financial Services, especially Insurance, Telecom, Media, Energy, Oil and gas, and Retail, within Germany.
Joint Initiatives: Finding buyers interested to invest in Germany’s health insurance and services business.
Location: Hamburg, Germany; The wider Arkwright group has offices in Oslo, Stockholm and Cham (CH).
Contacts: Ingolf Putzback, MD;Frank Wunderlich.

Business: Corporate finance adviser based in the City of London. Member of Globalscope, a leading network of corporate finance advisers operating globally to support clients in cross-border transactions. Dedicated to giving highly tailored advice to owners considering the sale of their business and management teams seeking to buy out the business in which they do or will work. Provider of all the associated specialist advice including building value, acquisitions, valuations and restructurings.
Industry Focus: Consumer, Financial services, Healthcare, Industrials, Logistics, Support services, Tech, media & telecoms .
Joint Activities: James McGrigor has been a member of the healthcare team for over 10 years. TMG partners with Corbett Keeling as the corporate finance advisors for ‘AMII’, the UK Association of Medical Insurance Intermediaries. Joint projects have included a UK health broker strategy and sale, a UK primary care centre developer sale, and other service businesses..
Location: London, UK.