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Career and Associate Opportunities at McGrigor Group

Our business is growing and diversifying and we are looking for individuals in the following areas who can contribute and be part of a successful business over the longer term.


We are NOW looking for a consultant with 3-4 years commercial experience to join the London/ Hampshire or Paris based team at McGrigor Group. Ideally you will have experience in the (private) healthcare sector and a second language. You will work on and (ideally) be able to manage projects from start to finish. Projects typically last three months and will be for a client based outside UK and often outside EC. There will be frequent international travel and flexibility will be required to travel at short notice. The job will involve the management of/liaison with several McGrigor Group associates as well as core team members and the creation of appropriate multimedia reporting to clients. The house style is for situation specific, highly executable solutions. You will need entrepreneurial solution skills as well as adopting the group’s pragmatic, down to earth consulting style. There is the opportunity to stay for a long time and grow a (your) business unit/portfolio within a related healthcare field.


McGrigor Group likes to work together with experienced local healthcare experts. We call these people ‘associates’. So if you have good experience or good connections in consulting or broking or research or operations in health insurance, health services or medical devices and would be interested to team up with us on either your or our projects then we would be interested to hear from you. We work globally so we are interested in any country.


Please feel free to contact us via email: contact (at) Ideally send a CV and a cover letter explaining your interest.